The Brief: These memes both celebrate and roast the various activities, expenses, and people associated with the annual event known as "Wedding Season".


Every year, between the months of June and October, Millennials, Gen Zers, and Baby Boomers alike (Wedding Season doesn’t discriminate) trek across the globe to celebrate love.

According to The Knot, June is the second-most-popular month of the year for weddings. What better way to kick off the season than with some LOLs? We guarantee that your wallet will not be laughing come Fall.

From the bridal party to event guests, when it comes to Wedding Season memes, it turns out there’s a little something for everyone.

Memes For the Happy Couple

More often than not, “wedding” is synonymous with “bride”.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that there are several meme accounts on Reddit and Instagram, dedicated solely to bridal moments.

Big Mood when wedding dress shopping:

Talk about Post-Wedding #Goals:

This Bride’s reaction FTW:

However, let’s not forget about the groom. Several meme-makers have credited the “man of the hour” as the wedding’s unsung hero…

It’s important to remember that it’s his day, too.

Some memes exemplify the stresses that come with wedding planning, like budgeting and creating a guest list.

Word to the wise: RSVP on time or face the consequences.

The Wedding Guest Woes

While many memes exemplify the joys of wedding planning from the bride and groom’s point of view, there are just as many, if not more, memes conveying the woes, worries, and straight-up disinterest associated with attending the celebratory occasion.

With the exception of this excited Twitter user…

It seems like the majority of wedding guests have a lot of complaints.

From the ZOMG announcements….

To the dresscode requirements…

And finally, the outrageous costs associated with weddings.

Outrageous doesn’t even begin to cover it, okuuurr? An article from Bankrate estimated that the average wedding guest spends between $400 and $800 per wedding.

In addition to gifts for the OTP and some stylish new kicks, travel accommodations account for a large portion of wedding expenses.

Another series of memes drag the amount of weddings people generally attend during wedding season, sometimes more than one per weekend.

Some people just aren’t as good at saying “no” as this Super Bowl stan:

All the Single Ladies:

Perhaps the most hilarious and relatable Wedding Season related memes are those that come from single party-goers. These memes usually self-roast wedding attendees who aren’t boo’d up.

Some wishful GOT thinking from this bridesmaid:

This single full sending it into Wedding Season:

Who knows? You might be lucky enough to meet bae at your bestie’s wedding…

I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it

Despite the bitter complaints, most Wedding Season memes are clearly made in good jest. In fact, several memes laud the pleasures of attending a wedding, including good food…

Great dancing…

And even better friends.

For everyone gearing up for the start of Wedding Season, when in doubt, keep this in mind: