The Brief: The Surreal Meme Man, a shiny, grey, bald, 3D image of a head is the subject of memes where someone thinks they're much more legit than they actually are.


The Surreal Meme Man, star of such memes as stonks, shef, and ah yes, enslaved, is named for his strange appearance and the bizarre memes he’s in. Also known as Meme Man, this disembodied head can often be found in a genre of memes known as surreal memes. This genre borrows from the aesthetics of surrealist painters, combining visual and textual elements into memes that are as uncanny as they are funny.

In January 2020, Meme Man memes have been spreading on popular Reddit meme pages including r/dankmemes. These memes present the Meme Man as a novice thinking he’s an expert, or as someone executing a task in an unexpected way. A misspelled word such as “kemist,” “canctus,” or “mafs” is typically included in these as a signature element of many surreal memes.

Look Mom!
byu/littlemorven indankmemes

byu/cloudy_frost indankmemes

Reupload because I forgot to censor the first one
by indankmemes

I’m a wizard
byu/Weirdfart09 indankmemes

i see you pee hahahahhahahahahaha
byu/HackMacAttack indankmemes

Ah yes, enslaved melody
byu/CalmProfit indankmemes