The Brief: A meme format uses an image of Shaquille O'Neal's reaction to eating extremely spicy wings.


In March, Shaq appeared on the YouTube show Hot Ones in which guests answer interview questions while also eating exceptionally spicy chicken wings. The video, which received over 10 million views, is titled “Shaq Tries to Not Make a Face While Eating Spicy Wings.” However, it appears that Shaq did indeed “make a face,” and that face has gone viral as the surprised Shaq meme.

This is not the first time that a celebrity guest on Hot Wings has inspired reaction memes.

Meme-makers use the surprised Shaq format to convey a sense of surprise that someone experiences in reaction to something shocking or unexpected. Some variations of this meme rely on dark or offensive topics for their punchline. Others involve more audience-friendly and nonoffensive humor.

Some people have pointed out how similar this format is to the surprised Pikachu and Concerned Tom meme formats.

It really is from r/memes

the ultimate crossover from r/dankmemes

This image macro is particularly popular on Reddit meme pages.

Yeah… I wouldn’t do that from r/dankmemes

Finally, I can die happy from r/dankmemes

Better safe than sorry from r/dankmemes

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