The Brief: A meme of Michael Jordan sitting down on a couch with a face full of surprise from whatever he is watching on his tablet has become the perfect reaction image for unexpected moments.


Another Michael Jordan meme is circulating online but this time his eyes aren’t bloodshot and there is not a single tear running down the side of his face as there were in the many crying Michael Jordan memes. Instead, the NBA Hall of Famer is sitting down with a face full of shock as he watches a video on his smart tablet in ESPN’s “The Last Dance.”

This series of shots in the 10-part ESPN/Netflix documentary has become the perfect template for internet memes that have heavily been used on Twitter. The juxtaposition between Michael Jordan’s facial expression to whatever he is viewing on his iPad emphasizes a funny exchange for people to photoshop images of what he could be possibly watching that caused him to be surprised.

Surprised Michael Jordan Memes

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