The Brief: The New England Patriots take on the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII this Sunday, February 3rd, but the hilarious memes have already kicked off.


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We’re just days away from Super Bowl LIII and it’s no surprise that the hilarious memes have already begun to make the rounds on social media. I think we know the question on everybody’s mind…who will be the next Super Bowl Selfie Kid?

Whether you come for the food, football, or fabulous performances, the Super Bowl is an annual event like no other. This year will see the American Football Conference (AFC) champs, the New England Patriots, take on the National Football Conference (NFC) champs, the Los Angeles Rams at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA.

Maroon 5, who just yesterday canceled the Wednesday news conference about their performance, is set to perform the illustrious half-time show, with legendary Gladys Knight singing the pre-game National Anthem.

As per usual, America is divided when it comes to which team they’re pulling for.

Some people are devout Patriots fans through and through (and proud of it)…

Talk about throwing shade!

However, a large chunk of the country has chosen to root against the 5-time National champions, regardless of who they might be playing. This year, that just so happens to be the Rams.

Those in favor of the LA Rams (or more accurately, anti-Patriots)…

Some people are simply sick of watching the same team win year after year. The Patriots have also been involved in several off-field scandals in recent years, including “Deflate Gate”, where 11/12 balls used by the team were under-inflated, and “Spy Gate”, when head coach, Bill Belichick admitted to filming another team’s coaching signals.

For these reasons, coupled with quarterback Tom Brady’s statements regarding his political beliefs, the Patriots have garnered quite the notorious reputation.

With the exception of New England fans, don’t be surprised to see Louisianans rooting for the Patriots this year. There’s been major public backlash since the NFC title game between the New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams, when the refs supposedly missed a pass interference call, costing the Saints the game.

You’ll notice that St. Louis, MO also falls within Patriot territory. As the former home of the Rams, they definitely have plenty of reasons to be salty. Speaking of salty…

Let’s be honest, plenty of us have ulterior motives when it comes to the Super Bowl. I came for the nachos…

And I stayed for Cardi B‘s Pepsi commercial.

Plus, there’s the Maroon 5 halftime show, which is sure to feature multiple other artists. 

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@maroon5 for SuperBowl halftime show 😂🤣

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SpongeBob SquarePants fans have been clamoring for a special performance of “Sweet Victory” as a tribute to SpongeBob creator Stephen Hillenburg, who died last November, even going as far as signing a petition.

Will we see a SpongeBob tribute??

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Here’s hoping they do play it #spongebobsuperbowl

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Hopefully, Super Bowl LIII will continue the longstanding tradition of outstanding memes. Let’s take a look at previous Bowl faves

And to the rest of you who plan on enjoying your Sunday afternoon, sans football, commercials, and tasty treats…