The Brief: The 2019 Super Bowl featured a game against the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots, and dozens of popular memes about the game, commercials, halftime performance, and more.


Super Bowl 53 Memes

Some people watch the Super Bowl for the game, for the commercials, for the halftime show, or for the snacks. Others watch for the memes. While the Rams and the Patriots competed for a Super Bowl win, viewers took to the internet to share their opinions and reactions to everything Super Bowl Related.

SpongeBob’s Sweet Victory

Some fans were elated and others were disappointed to see a brief tribute to SpongeBob during the Pepsi Halftime show.

Adam Levine’s Shirt And Lack Thereof

Throughout his halftime performance, Adam Levine of Maroon 5 removed layers of clothing, including a patterned tank top, revealing his bare chest.

I Made Queso

After Fox News contributor Dana Perino posted a picture of the not-so-tasty looking queso she made for the Super Bowl, people dragged her on Twitter.


Commentators shared photos of players, coaches, and themselves from 17 years ago compared to the present day in what they called the 17 Year Challange. This challenge was much less popular than the #TenYearChallenge of early January.

Robot-Themed Commercials

Multiple commercials featured dysfunctional robots, including Alexa jokingly added to products like dog collars and a robot who was sad that he can’t drink beer.


Zoe Kravitz starred in an ASMR commercial for organic beer.


Burger King used footage of Andy Warhol eating one of their burgers in an ad telling viewers to #eatlikeandy. It inspired comments about they way Warhol applied ketchup to his burger and nods to a certain scene in Netflix’s Fyre Fest documentary.

Was That Ninja?

Popular Fortnite streamer Ninja had a brief cameo in an NFL star-studded ad for the league’s 100th anniversary.

Football Memes

Although none of these Super Bowl 53 memes had much to do with the actual game, Patriots fans and others are expressing their emotions around the game online: