The Brief: News that the 200,000 tonne cargo ship is unstuck from the Suez Canal has been met with memes celebrating and lamenting its removal.


The Ever Given: the ship that was blocking the Suez Canal has officially been dislodged after almost a week spent disrupting the flow of approximately 10% of global trade. Memes about the ship being unstuck add to discourse that’s been circulating online all week with jokes and silly takes on this disruption of the international economy.

Among these memes are maritime pop culture references about ships and boats like these allusions to Mama Mia, Parks and Rec, and SpongeBob SquarePants.

As memes about the ship surged in popularity, people started to use it as a metaphor for elements of modern life. Now that the ship is unstuck, the comparisons continue.

There’s been a lot of talk about who really freed the ship…

As people rallied around the ship while it was stuck, many claimed it as an anti-capitalist hero for its disruption of the economy. Others expressed their horniness for the stuck ship. When the news broke that it’d been dislodged, the phrase “PUT IT BACK” started trending on Twitter as people (mostly jokingly) demanded that the ship return to its original position and re-block the canal.

A Whisper App meme on the topic:

The release of the Ever Given also inspired some thoughtful reflections on the ship’s journey and how it relates to our own experiences.

Some people are just sick of hearing about the ship…