The Brief: In this popular TikTok meme, students offer tips, tricks, and studying hacks for their fellow classmates as they prepare for final exams.


With graduation just around the corner, Gen Z students are sharing their studying hacks and woes with the internet. The hashtag #SurvivingFinals has over 40 million views to date on TikTok.

In most videos, users show off ways to hack or “cheat” their finals.

Note, these videos are made in jest and do not actually encourage students to “cheat” on their finals. They’re often silly tips and tricks, like using a larger font in an essay in order to reach a certain page count.

Other versions of this meme feature students avoiding studying at all costs.

Talk about senioritis kicking in.

These memes roast classroom behavior and/or interactions with teachers.

While most of these videos are meant only for LOLs, there are a few which show off real studying goals…

And more importantly, a few more show the benefits to actually surviving finals.