The Brief: The #FlexChallenge aka #TheFishChallenge is a viral challenge that requires some flexibility to complete.


The Flex Challenge, aka the Fish Challenge, can be completed by laying down with your hands behind your back and standing up without shifting to your side or back. This internet challenge, which uses the term flex both literally and metaphorically, went viral in  December 2019 and January 2020.

On TikTok, a popular platform for internet challenges, this challenge has spread via an audio clip created by user @ashbashuno where she instructs people to lie on their stomach, put their hands behind their back, and then stand up without going on their side or their back. This audio has been used in over 65,00o other TikToks. Videos associated with the hashtag #TheFishChallenge have been viewed over 6.6 million times and ones associated with #FlexChallenge have been viewed over 49.5 million times.

@ashbashunoChallenges my boyfriend! I think this is called #thefishchallenge 🤪🤪 #challenge #cozylittlechristmas #weirdmoment trippv123♬ original sound – ashbashuno

Gymnast and University of Iowa student Jax Kranitz took the Fish Challenge to the next level by getting up from the floor with her hands behind her back without using her knees, as many people did in previous videos. She named this move the “New Flex Challenge,” using the hashtag #NewFlexChallenge. Her video received over 612,000 likes on TikTok and 690,000 on Instagram.

#FlexChallenge & #TheFishChallenge

It’s recommended that all participants stretch before attempting this challenge at home.

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