The Brief: These object-labeling image macro memes illustrate the metaphor of stopping a domino effect.


Stopping dominoes memes use stock photos of a hand blocking falling dominoes to represent someone preventing a domino effect from taking off. Similar to Flex Tape memes and healing Band Aid memes, this image macro format illustrates a metaphor of someone stopping something bad from happening.

The tone of stopping domino memes ranges from serious to deeply ironic. In some cases, they portray effective methods of curbing chain reactions. Other memes present failed techniques to poke fun at their ineffectiveness.

my Google home scares me
byu/subhanepix inmemes

On gamers self-quarantining themselves from Coronavirus:

This is Europe right now
byu/thesmarmellus inmemes

Suicide rate drops to 0%
byu/redgiftbox inmemes

A YouTube Rewind 2018 reaction meme:

Youtube bad
byu/Garfield_123 indankmemes

Arlo’s brilliant plan for stopping John
byu/Liftelot inunOrdinary

Watch out for those 30-50 feral hogs…



Hand stopping dominos