The Brief: On Twitter, people are sharing memes about their excitement for $1400 stimulus checks that will be sent to many Americans in March 2021.


On March 11, President Joe Biden signed a COVID-19 relief package, which includes $1400 stimulus payments for many Americans. As the checks and direct deposits from the IRS start to roll in, people are sharing stimmy 2021 memes to talk about what they’ll be doing with their money.

While many people will be spending their stimulus on rent, groceries, and bills, others plan to stimulate the economy through the purchase of more luxurious items like clothes, fancy dinners, alcohol, and non-essential goods. On Twitter, people are planning out what they could buy with $1400, focusing on the more lavish, fun, and ridiculous possibilities.

People are joking about how they could spend the most possible money at restaurant and fast food chains.

Some brands are trying to get in on the joke:

While others are getting a bit of free publicity:

Another popular planned purchase is crab legs.

This fancam-esque video posted by the @POTUS Twitter account caused some people to remark on the administration’s social media savvy.

Others, however, still aren’t impressed.