The Brief: A man named Steven Pruitt has edited approximately one-third of all Wikipedia entries, inspiring memes that honor him as an internet hero.


Wikipedia Hero

Steven Pruitt, a man from Virginia has edited over 3 million Wikipedia pages and authored 35,000+ original entries. CBS News gave Pruitt the title: Wizard Of Wikipedia.” In an interview with CBS anchor Errol Barnett, Pruitt, whose username is Ser Amantio Di Nicolao – a reference to a Gregorian chant, spoke about his devotion to the free, crowdsourced resource that is Wikipedia.

Pruitt, who was named one of Time Magazine’s top 25 most influential people on the internet receives no compensation for his work. He volunteers more than three hours of his time each day to researching, writing, and editing for Wikipedia. Steven is currently working to help close the gender gap in Wikipedia biography articles by publishing more that are about women.

More information about Pruitt can be found on his very own Wikipedia biography page.

Steven Pruitt Memes

Online, Wikipedia users have been pressing F to pay their respects, making memes about Pruitt, and even comparing his power to that of Ultra Instinct Shaggy.

Shaggy memes are about to expire cash up from r/dankmemes

This guy needs an F. from r/dankmemes

The most impressive thing about Steven Pruitt from r/dankmemes

An analogy wordplay meme:

In honor of the man who made 3 million edits and 35,000 articles on Wikipedia from r/dankmemes

It really do be like that from r/memes

The live action from r/memes