The Brief: Starter pack memes stereotype various personalities through a collection of images that typically define that persona.    


These memes display a variety of images considered to be “starter packs” for certain personality types.

For example, the Karen persona is at once hated and feared by memers across the globe:

The “can I speak to the manager” starter pack
by instarterpacks

Her son Kyle is equally as dangerous, especially when Monster Energy is coursing through his veins (which is always):

Kyle starter pack
byu/13yearoldidiot instarterpacks

[deleted by user]
by instarterpacks

What I, a European, imagine the USA is like
byu/247planeaddict instarterpacks

The “you can beat me up but my dad will sue” starter pack
byu/ElaborateBoner instarterpacks

The “Early Bird Special” Starter Pack
byu/jrm2003 instarterpacks

Modern Reddit starter pack
byu/shaydatticus instarterpacks

The “Millennial Missionary” Starter Pack
byu/Kwilli0929 instarterpacks

White girls accused of being basic have been targeted by starter pack memes:

being a white girl in Facebook comments section starter pack
byu/atomicvibes instarterpacks

Every white girl on Instagram starter pack.
byu/TommZ5 instarterpacks

The Artsy White Girl Starter Pack
byu/GRidzak instarterpacks

White girls strike back against the neckbeards:

Guys who make basic white girl starterpacks starter pack
byu/Halo3plz2 instarterpacks

Jeffrey Epstein memes have officially taken over Reddit:

Jeffrey Epstein Starterpack
byu/Galacticrevenge instarterpacks

Youtuber trying American food starter pack
by instarterpacks

Staring out the car window starter pack
byu/Finnster315 instarterpacks

“I don’t know why I’m depressed” starterpack
by instarterpacks

Why do I have headaches all the time starterpack?
byu/BuckChintheRealtor instarterpacks

Sadistical torturer starter pack (OC)
byu/pun_shall_pass instarterpacks

“I don’t do drugs” starter pack
byu/majorprofitv instarterpacks

Mom has a phone starter pack
byu/djangofusion instarterpacks

“Sure, I can text and drive at the same time” starterpack
byu/BuckChintheRealtor instarterpacks

1960s American Scientist in a Film Starter Pack
byu/smatpith instarterpacks

[deleted by user]
by instarterpacks

Obnoxious but popular Youtuber starter pack

Successful White Guy in his 30s-40s Starter Pack

Starter pack memes also make fun of oddly specific yet relatable occurrences:

Things your brain says “you gotta” do Starterpack
byu/l3ane instarterpacks

The “every cheap italian restaurant” starter pack
byu/hyperaggressiveSJW instarterpacks

When you’re in high school and your family learns that you’re taking Spanish
by instarterpacks

‘Only acceptable in an airport’ starter pack
byu/NotBrigitte instarterpacks

“You either love it or you hate it” starterpack
by instarterpacks

A starter pack meme making fun of the repetitive posts seen on the subreddit r/Earthporn:

/r/EarthPorn Starter Pack