The Brief: Spotify Wrapped memes are a response to everyone posting their 2019 Spotify listening statistics.


Spotify Wrapped memes and recaps are spreading across social media on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and beyond. Each year, Spotify reviews users’ listening habits, highlighting their most listened to artists, songs, albums, and genres. As this year marks the end of a decade, Spotify Wrapped reflects on what people have been listening to for both the past year and the past ten years.

Many of these memes joke about how revealing and embarrassing the data about your listening habits can be. Whether intentionally or not, Spotify is dragging many people for listening to hours of mainstream, cheesy, or excessively emotional tunes.Β Some memes add comedic edits to the standard Spotify Wrapped images and others comment about how people are tired of seeing their friends’ Spotify Wrapped stats in their social media feeds.

Fonts are hard. from BikiniBottomTwitter

Just got my 2019 Spotify Wrapped! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ from bon_appetit

Nathan’s Spotify history:

My music taste is diverse. I’m in to many genres from Hiphopcirclejerk

Spotify from dankmemes

What Is Pop Rap?

Many discussions have been taking place about Spotify’s mention of “pop rap” as a genre. While it seems to refer to popular, and possibly more melodic rap, some rap fans find the genre to be somewhat contradictory.

Access Your Spotify Wrapped

If you’re a Spotify Premium listener and want to get in on the conversation yourself, go to your Spotify app or toΒ and log in to view your listening stats and post them on social media to create your own Spotify Wrapped memes.