The Brief: The Buccaneers memes this year, and many years prior, center around QB Jameis Winston's ability (or lack thereof) to win football games.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers memes have mainly starred QB Jameis Winston, as the former 1st round pick still hasn’t put all the pieces together to lead his team to the playoffs, much less to the Super Bowl.

Perhaps some contact lenses would help Winston ensure he was throwing the ball to the correct team.

One game was particularly bad for the Bucs’ QB. Playing in London, Winston threw FIVE interceptions. It was as good of a time as any to make a Stephen A. Smith meme.

Winston’s rookie deal expires this offseason. There is not a lot of confidence amongst Buccaneers fans that he’ll be back next year.

Fantasy football owners accept that they’re clowns for still starting Jameis Winston.

In some cases, the Buccaneers memes had more sympathy than jokes.

Some games it seems like Winston has more turnovers than fingers to count them on.

The Buccaneers QB just can’t seem to get it together.

Sometimes, it feels like even the standard NFL broadcast graphic is trolling the QB.

However, Winston hasn’t been the only victim of Buccaneers Memes this season. Their lack of a trusty kicker has also drawn attention. Hopefully, some team will give Carli Lloyd a shot, if it’s not the Bucs.