The Brief: The 2019 Jets memes are plentiful, but their wins are not. Can the team recover with new head coach Adam Gase making questionable decisions and QB Sam Darnold recovering from mono?


It was a slow start to the season for the Jets. That is unless you’re counting the Jets meme output so far this season.

The joke(r) was on the Cowboys, though, as the Jets upset them.

CJ Mosley had a monster first game of the season and then went down with a groin injury and hasn’t played since.

Sam Darnold is apparently a college freshman who got mono and missed a large chunk of the first half of the season.

Can the Jets turn things around and right the ship?

Jets Memes: Sam Darnold Was Out Indefinitely with Mono

The Jets played on Monday Night Football in week 2 of the NFL season and ESPN posted a funny graphic showing that QB San Darnold was out indefinitely thanks to mononucleosis.

If you’ve ever been the fan of a team whose QB goes out indefinitely with mono, please call…

Seriously, these Jets memes are KILLERS.

Listen to your friend, Sam. He’s a cool dude.

Adam Gase: Eye of the Tiger?!

Adam Gase went viral after his introductory press conference with the Jets.

He looks SUPER comfortable in the role, doesn’t he?

When you can’t wear a ball cap to your own press conference to shield how uncomfortable you are…

Reporters were asking him questions, but he was being especially Cage-y.

Despite all Gase’s rage, he is still just a rat in a Cage.

Adam Gase looking at a future with Sam Darnold like, “my precious?!”

Jets fans are hoping Gase is a Krazee Eyez Killah when it comes to defeating their opponents in the AFC East.