The Brief: As the Giants memes show, New York made some questionable moves in the 2019 offseason. Will they result in more wins than memes? TBD.


New York Giants memes tell the tale of a team in a bit of disarray.

Giants’ General Manager Dave Gettleman traded away Odell Beckham Jr. to the Browns this offseason. This would not be the first or last questionable decision made by him during his tenure at the helm of the Giants.

The Giants offense has shown some signs of life with Saquon Barkley. Their defense has been bad. So very bad.

Death, Taxes, and Janoris Jenkins committing a penalty on a crucial play #Giants #GiantsMemes #GiantsPride

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Without a lot of hope for wins this season, Giants memes show an appreciation for the bye week.

All Giants fans are winners today by having a stress free Sunday 😍 #Giants #GiantsMemes #GiantsPride

Posted by New York Giants Memes on Sunday, October 13, 2019

After all, sometimes it feels like you’re shooting yourself in the foot or…this.

There have been a few (and only a few) moments to look forward to this season. The ones that didn’t involve Barkley involved rookie QB Daniel Jones, though he’s given us just as many reasons not to be excited. Hopefully, they’re just rookie mistakes.

Jones shined in the preseason and Eagles memes were ready to anoint him as the starter.

Even 2x Super Bowl-winning QB Eli Manning knew there was cause for concern.

Giants memes are holding out hope for their team for as long as they can.

I’m not crying, you’re crying #Giants #GiantsMemes #GiantsPride

Posted by New York Giants Memes on Monday, October 7, 2019

Giants Memes: NY Selects Daniel Jones 6th Overall

Dave Gettleman shocked the world when the Giants drafted QB Daniel Jones with the 6th pick in the NFL Draft.

Gettleman’s track record preceded him. Giants fans almost knew what to expect.

Does this sound like a fanbase that’s excited about the move?

Hint to Dave Gettleman: this is not what your fans should sound like after you draft a player to your team.

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“OH NOOOOOO” @picksixpod

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Giants fans were seriously beside themselves.

Even the other QBs waiting to be drafted thought the pick was hilarious.

At least the rest of the league enjoyed the pick.

Eli Manning and Daniel Jones: A Meme-orable Moment

The Giants were shellacked by the New England Patriots earlier this season. Giants fans may not hold onto that for long, but they won’t be forgetting this tender moment on the bench between Eli Manning and Daniel Jones and the Giants memes it inspired.

When the old man picks up a tablet for the first time.

UGH. We’ve all been there. JUST CALL THE GENIUS BAR!

Sons pray a moment like this never comes for them.

Let’s just hope he wasn’t sandbagging his handicap.

Weird flex when you’ve been benched for a rookie, but OK.