The Brief: These New Orleans Saints memes show a team that has been both lucky and played well in 2019. Can they overcome their NFC Championship disaster from just a season ago?


The New Orleans Saints were one blown call away from going to the Super Bowl last season. Saints memes flowed like Sazerac on Bourbon Street after it happened. It was so bad that the NFL changed the rules on pass interference as a result.

The viral marketing campaign for Bird Box really went too far with this one…

Even Hollywood Hogan himself thought the LA team got lucky.

It must have been hard for the Saints and their fans to watch the Los Angeles Rams flounder against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.  Don’t believe us? This Saints meme tells the tale.

However, things seem to be looking up this season. Even an extended Drew Brees thumb injury couldn’t keep the Saints down.

Saints Memes: Texans & Saints Give Us a Finish to Remember

In week one of the NFL season, the Houston Texans and Saints had a late-game shootout to give us one of the best finishes to a football game…possibly of all time.

At first, it looked like the Saints had finished off the Texans, going up 27-21 with under one minute to go. Deshaun Watson wasn’t having any of that.

Texans kicker Ka’imi Fairbairn missed the PAT that would have given his team the lead. But wait, there’s more! Unfortunately for the Saints, their rookie Chauncey Gardner-Johnson got a penalty called on himself for roughing the kicker. Fairbairn was bailed out and hit the make-up kick he was awarded.

Alas, Houston left too much time for Drew Brees. The QB drove his team down the field and Saints’ Kicker Will Lutz nailed the game-winning 58-yard field goal!

The Saints memes couldn’t believe the back-and-forth that had just ensued.

We might have to start keeping defibrillators on hand for games like this.

We have no doubt that Will Lutz was walking tall around New Orleans after that game.

Dak Prescott Hurls One Into Saints Quadruple Coverage

In a game early in the season, the Saints were trying to hold onto a lead against the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys’ QB, Dak Prescott, threw a hail mary into quadruple coverage. The Saints memes that ensued were hilarious.

We know the feeling all too well of a paycheck going out as quickly as it came in.

Who else fights a constant battle against their attention span?

Saints defense: newsteam assemble!

The realness of this meme alone will make us lose sleep.

Sometimes it feels like the fantasy gods are just like Dak Prescott throwing into quadruple coverage.