The Brief: 2019 Miami Dolphins memes are good, but the 2019 Miami Dolphins are bad. While they're scrambling to rebuild their roster, fans are going into overdrive making memes.


The 2019 Miami Dolphins have traded away most of the talent on their roster for draft picks and the tank job is on. They’re after the #1 pick and fans haven’t let them hear the end of it via Dolphins memes.

Maybe fans can vote on what the new logo of the Dolphins should be.

It will not be fun to be a Miami Dolphins fan for this season (and probably a few more), but that won’t stop them from making Dolphins memes.

Even their logo is ready to head out.

At least some Dolphins memes have embraced the rebuild and are on board with Tanking for Tua (Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa).

The bowl the Dolphins are in this year is not the Super one…

Trolls have taken to Wikipedia to ensure the accuracy of the Dolphins’ page.

Some were concerned their loved ones would be worried about them after a 43-0 loss to the Patriots, as seen in this Dolphins meme.

The Dolphins traded for Josh Rosen in hopes he might be their QB of the future. Rosen seemed less confident about things.

Seriously, there really isn’t much talent left on this Dolphins team.

The Dolphins are primed to hit new lows this season.

The only time Dolphins fans really have to stress about the outcome of a game is when they’re playing another winless team.