The Brief: The 2019 Detroit Lions attempt to change the losing culture that has persisted throughout the years and that has been shared/lamented in many Lions memes during that time. Second-year coach Matt Patricia continues his quest to make the Lions the Patriots of the Midwest and get his team to the top of the NFC North.


In recent years, the Detriot Lions memes have shown a team that’s been more meme fodder than Super Bowl contenders.

Head coach Matt Patricia was brought in last season to try and turn things around for the lowly franchise. This season, the Lions drafted TJ Hockenson to play the role of Baby Gronk. It was the next step in Patricia’s continued mission to make Detroit the New England of the Midwest. It hasn’t always gone according to plan.

Kenny Golladay looks to take another leap forward in his third season in the NFL and Kerryon Johnson hopes to take over the workhorse role for the Lions and avoid a sophomore slump.

Early returns on the 2019 Lions season have given the team and its fans a glimmer of hope. However, fans may still be looking to a higher power come gameday.

Detroit Lions Memes: Loveable Losers? Maybe Just Losers

The two biggest stars of the last 30 years for the Lions, Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson, retired early just to get away from the lowly franchise.

Say what you want about the Lions and their fans, but they know who they are.

Fans have gotten so used to the Lions losing, the bye week can come as a relief.

Lions fans know how to keep their cool ahead of a game against a division rival.

Lions Fans Are Loyal

No matter how bad things have been for the Lions over the years, there are still fans that hold out hope that this will be their year.

They even believe in their QB Matt Stafford (sometimes to a fault).

Sometimes it’s hubris, as they believe they can talk trash to the team leading their division.