The Brief: The Denver Broncos memes tell of a team that enters 2019 with a new head coach and a new QB (or two).


Here are your Broncos memes and season outlook for 2019.

The Denver Broncos enter the season with a new head coach and new hope at returning to the playoffs.

General Manager John Elway lucked into Peyton Manning and a Super Bowl win, but his decision making via trades, free agency, and the NFL Draft has been questionable. Elway traded for Joe Flacco, who got benched in Baltimore last season.

Broncos were predictably a little perplexed by the move from their GM.

Meanwhile, Vic Fangio comes to Denver from Chicago and hopes to do with the Broncos that he accomplished with the vaunted Bears defense. With Fangio’s defensive scheming and star players like Von Miller, Chris Harris, and Bradley Chubb on defense, there are some reasons for Broncos fans to be optimistic.

Posted by Denver Broncos Memes on Thursday, August 1, 2019

However, it took the Broncos almost a month to record their first sack of the season. Not characteristic of a Fangio defense.

Posted by Denver Broncos Memes on Monday, September 16, 2019

Broncos Memes: QB Controversy? Joe Flacco vs. Drew Lock

Last season, Joe Flacco lost his starting job to rookie Lamar Jackson. History may repeat itself this season with the Broncos drafting Drew Lock.

It seems like every Bronco fan had a live look to Joe Flacco on Draft Day.

It’s hard to imagine any veteran QB feeling great about their team drafting a QB. It’s always a good time for a Stephan A. Smith meme.

Especially when it’s the second year in a row that it’s happened.

Thoughts and prayers for Joe Flacco as Drew Lock’s return from injury grows closer.