The Brief: 2019 Cowboys memes have been spreading far and wide with Dallas' erratic season. Can Dak Prescott help turn things around and get himself paid?


2019 Dallas Cowboys memes are telling of the ups and downs Dallas has had this year.

The season kicked off with Dallas Cowboys’ RB Ezekiel Elliot holding out for a better contract. Luckily, they backed up the money truck just before the season kicked off, much to the New York Giants detriment.

Star QB Dak Prescott and stud WR Amari Cooper are still waiting for their new deals as an uneven season for the Cowboys unfolds. At least the Cowboys memes have been on point.

Will this be the year the Cowboys can make it back to the Super Bowl? Not according to this Cowboys meme.

The Cowboys may have been America’s team once upon a time. However, they’re far more often the team memes love to dunk on.

It took us a second to catch up with this rhyme scheme, but we got there.

Even when they got off to a good start this season, the Cowboys memes and haters were out in full force.

Nobody seems to believe the Cowboys are the real deal this season.

Cowboys Memes: Dak Prescott Throws Hail Mary Into Quadruple Coverage

Early on in the season, the Cowboys made a last-ditch effort to beat the New Orleans Saints. Prescott made an ill-advised throw into four Saints players and the memes flowed like Lone Stars down a sad Cowboys fan’s gullet. It quickly turned into the meme for every emotion.

For when it feels like your paycheck goes out as fast as it comes in…

For when you’re wondering what happened to our attention spans…

For when the news team saves the day…

For when you’re wondering why you can’t sleep…

For when you can feel your fantasy football championship dreams slipping away…