The Brief: The 2019 Buffalo Bills are coming off a season in which they shocked the NFL and made the playoffs. Can they do it again or will we be sharing Bills memes documenting the team's losing ways?


Will Buffalo leave a mark on the NFL this season or be overshadowed by the Bills memes mocking a player who never actually played for the team?

The Buffalo Bills have an undeniably great defense. It’s their offense that is questionable.

Let’s first talk about the players that are on the team.

Josh Allen is the Bills’ strong-armed, second-year QB who can huck it downfield, but has very little accuracy.

Posted by NFL Memes on Monday, September 16, 2019

Seriously, who was he throwing this ball to?

Frank Gore is in his 15th year in the league, defying the notion that RBs can’t play in the NFL beyond the age of 30.

Jokes aside, props to Frank Gore who outworks everyone else to stay competitive on the gridiron.

Frank Gore is one of the hardest workers in NFL history.Overcame:◻️ Severe learning disability◻️ Two torn ACLs in 18…

Posted by NFL Memes on Thursday, May 23, 2019

Bills fans aren’t really sure what to make of the team. Some weeks, they look like they might lose to the tanking Miami Dolphins. Others, the Bills look like they might make it back to the playoffs again.

Antonio Brown to the Bills is the Trade That Never Was

On the evening of March 7th, 2019, it was reported that a trade of Antonio Brown from the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Bills was imminent.

By the following morning, it became clear that it might not be happening at all.

Brown truly wasn’t having any of running down errant throws from Josh Allen.

Bills memes were certain it would have looked a lot like this…

Ultimately, AB was traded to the Oakland Raiders (and then released and signed by the New England Patriots and released again). That didn’t stop Bills memes from having a field day with this trade that never came to fruition.

Jamal Adams, of the Bills’ rival New York Jets, was tickled by the situation.

When a player does a short stint with a team, it’s often said they had a cup of coffee with them. AB didn’t even get to grind the beans with the Bills.

Some fans got a bit slap-happy over the mere idea of AB on their team.

T-shirts were even made to commemorate the trade that never was.