The Brief: 2019 Atlanta Falcons memes seem to indicate their head coach, Dan Quinn, might be hitting the unemployment line soon.


Atlanta Falcons memes do not paint a positive picture of the 2019 season. Julio Jones is still among the best WRs in the NFL, but the team has many holes.

Many of the offensive weapons on the Falcons are still capable of devastating defenders.

Y’all wanna see a dead body??

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However, Falcons memes agree that much of this year has been a season to forget.

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When it becomes news that the head coach won’t be fired during the team’s bye week, that’s not a good sign.

Dan Quinn might be looking for an exit strategy.

Falcons memes are about as thrilled about Quinn remaining the coach as Stephen A. Smith’s face looks most times.

Some Falcons memes are centered on Dan Quinn Halloween costume ideas. Like this one…

…and this one.

It might be getting awkward around the Falcons’ facilities.

Really, fans are just ready for Dan Quinn to go.

Meanwhile, Matt Ryan is aging and hurt. His even older backup, Matt Schaub, came in and took care of business with star WR Julio Jones.

The good news is that Julio Jones is still so good that he can carry the whole offense on his back.

Falcons Memes: Devonta Freeman Picks a Fight with the Wrong Guy

Earlier this year, the Falcons were being badly beaten by the Los Angeles Rams. RB Devnota Freeman tried to take on Defensive Player of the Year winner Aaron Donald. Needless to say, it didn’t go as planned for Freeman.

Perhaps Freeman didn’t intend to fight Donald, but just wanted “uppy.”

Some Falcons memes insinuated that Freeman got sonned by Donald.

Donald really let Freeman know who his daddy was in this Star Wars inspired meme.

I suppose it’s possible that Donald was just trying to put in some extra practice work.