The Brief: To promote the re-release of the McRib, several popular Instagram meme accounts posted sponsored memes in partnership with McDonald's about the sandwich's return.


Due to a combination of effective marketing, an enthusiastic fanbase, and a Simpsons parody, the McRib by McDonald’s has become a well-known cultural phenomenon and meme. This is heightened by the limited availability of the sandwich, which has come and gone since its debut in 1981.

In December 2020, McDonald’s is re-releasing its McRib sandwich, and one way they’re promoting it is via sponsored memes on Instagram. Several popular meme accounts posted McRib-related memes on December 8th including @trashcanpaul, @sh*theadsteve, and @sonny5ideup, which have over 9 million followers between them. These posts included popular meme formats and inside jokes, with the McRib at the center as a coveted item.


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McDonald’s also posted a few McRib memes of their own on their social media channels.


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Twitter user @lazerdoov (Dan Duvall) tweeted about the McRib’s return back in March, and McDonald’s used a screenshot of his tweet in promotional material in December. According to another tweet by Duvall, “McDonalds used this and won’t even send me coupons.”

Other McRib content has been circulating online outside of sponsored posts, in YouTube reviews, TikTok videos, tweets, Reddit posts, 4chan forums, and more. The proliferation of sponsored and independent content highlights how the McRib’s popularity is fueled by both marketing and its established reputation as a notable piece of contemporary culture.

More McRib Memes & Organic Content:

Anon needs his McRib
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When memes aren’t sponsored by McDonald’s, creators have the room to be critical of the McRib:

The McRib is back!
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The McRib ladies and gents #fyp #mcdonalds #mcrib

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