The Brief: An image of Spiderman appearing to rapidly hit the floor with a wrench is being used in both literal and metaphorical memes.


The Spider-Man hammering image macro meme comes from video footage of someone in a Spider-Man suit crawling on the floor and then hitting it with a wrench. It’s often used by fans to illustrate what might happen in a fight between the bug-based superheroes Spider-Man and Ant-Man.

Many of these Spider-Man memes are straightforward and literal. They represent an overzealous percussionist or someone hitting something repeatedly with a mallet, hammer, or another tool. They often use Photoshop to show what Spider-Man is hammering or what tool he is using in the meme.

Frick my upstair neighbours.
byu/_MrVox_ inmemes

byu/maxguise inme_irl

Just buy a drum set smh
byu/Kurvey-dood indankmemes

F in the chat:

by inme_irl

by inme_irl

This meme is also being combined with Will You Press The Button? memes to show someone enthusiastically hitting the button.

To no man’s land we go
byu/epsilon_gamma inHistoryMemes