The Brief: Classic memes are getting a noodle remodel with a spaghetti meme format.


This format combines famous meme image macros with a stock photo of spaghetti noodles. Using an app called Ostagram, meme-makers trace out images and words into the noodles, thus creating new and unique versions of popular memes. Some of these creations directly reference the fact that they are made out of pasta while others simply use spaghetti as a new artistic medium. Currently, these memes are particularly popular on Reddit on the Dank Memes sub.

This meme is one of several popular spaghetti meme formats including references to Eminem‘s song “Mom’s Spaghetti,”  and to “Somebody Toucha My Spaghet” from the cartoon The Three Bears.

Other variations of this format are being created on Ostagram. One popular rendition involves using an image of beans on the background of images and creating a mashup between a portrait or other image and saucy beans. S0me of these images are creepier and more disturbing than others.

Memes Made Out Of Noodles – March 2019

A Robbie Rotten “here’s a little lesson in trickery” meme: 

This never died though from r/dankmemes

It’s Free Real Estate

Spaghetti be trending from r/dankmemes

Anime+Spaghetti girls”

Spaghime girls from r/dankmemes

See you at the top! from r/dankmemes

A Distracted Boyfriend meme:

Mamma Mia! from r/dankmemes

Spaghetti memes. from r/memes