The Brief: This multi panel meme depicts someone asking for something and then using that thing for a purpose that deviates from its original intended use.


The five-panel meme reads:

  1. Can you give me _____
  2. To _____
  3. Yeeees.
  4. Actually _____s like a boss
  5.  _____ time.

The oldest version of this meme we found shows a frog asking a woman for money to buy a burger who then uses that money to buy soup. Frankly, the exact origins and humor of this meme continue to elude us at StayHipp but we will keep you updated on any new findings.

Soup time from r/memes

me💎irl from r/me_irl

Goddamnit Windows! from r/dankmemes

Inspired by real events from r/dankmemes

🅱️iology from r/DeepFriedMemes

Actually fries meme like a boss from r/DeepFriedMemes

Thank you heart, very cool from r/dankmemes