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Sonic The Hedgehog fans have been posting photoshopped images of Sonic combined with other cartoon characters and celebrities.


Prepare yourself for photoshopped memes of Sonic The Hedgehog combined with Garfield, Gollum, Shrek, Danny DeVito, Nicholas Cage, and others. A diverse set of animated fictional characters and real people have been photoshopped into simultaneously amusing and terrifying Sonic hybrids.

After the release of the Sonic The Hedgehog trailer, many fans expressed their dissatisfaction with the animation of Sonic. In particular, many critics pointed to the discrepancy between the live-action sonic and the original cartoon version. In response, the film’s director tweeted that design changes would be made to Sonic’s character.

In part, these photoshop mash-up memes are a response to the animation that many found to be disappointing, suggesting other bizarre renditions of Sonic as alternatives.

Many of the memes are paired with a made-up name that combines Sonic with the name of whoever he’s combined with.

Beware. Some of these images cannot be un-seen…

Sonic Photoshop Crossover Memes

What if Jim Carrey played both Doctor Eggman and a Sonic/The Grinchcharacter?

Sonic + Thanos = Thonic or Sanos?

Some fans suggested that Danny DeVito would be a better Doctor Eggman than Jim Carrey, but perhaps he should be Sonic instead.

Detective Pikachu + Sonic = Detective Sonic

He can’t go fast on Mondays…

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