The Brief: Sondland impeachment hearing memes illustrate and poke fun at the events from UN ambassador to the U.S. Gordon Sondland's House impeachment inquiry testimony.


Sondland impeachment hearing memes feature photos and events from Ambassador Sondland’s testimony in the House impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union testified in a public hearing as a part of the House’s impeachment inquiry. Notably, Sondland testified that he had followed President Trump’s orders in pressuring Ukraine, that “everyone was in the loop” including Pompeo, Bolton, and other top officials, and that the White House meeting involved a clear “quid pro quo.”

Impeachment Hearing Photo

A photograph of Ambassador Sondland looking directly into a camera while surrounded by photographers has been the subject of multiple caption contests and Photoshop battles on Twitter.

A woman yelling at cat meme: 

Sondland Spills The Tea

Sondland’s testimony and specifically his statements regarding how “everyone was in the loop” have been met with many memes about him spilling tea and snitching on fellow public officials.

More than one allusion has been made to Tekashi6ix9ine’s infamous snitching on fellow gang members.


For those watching and live-tweeting, these Sondland impeachment hearing memes serve as a way to add some humor to the situation and help people survive the current news cycle.