The Brief: Image macro memes of Mean Girls' Regina George saying "so you agree..." are being used to point out hypocrisy online.


Regina George “so you agree” memes come from a scene in Mean Girls where queen bee Regina George slyly tricks the new girl Cady Heron into appearing vain.

Their lunchroom exchange goes like this:

Regina: But you’re like really pretty.

Cady: Thanks.

Regina: So you agree…

Cady: What?

Regina: You think you’re really pretty?

Regina’s iconic mean girl attack has been adapted into a meme format and rebuttal for online arguments. When someone shares an opinion online, someone who disagrees with them can find common ground and share the image with the caption “so you agree…” By doing so, people can highlight someone else’s hypocrisy and twist their words to point to a flaw in their argument. The image of Regina George leaning forward with an eager and cruel expression adds to the savagery of these memes.

This format surged in popularity in July 2020. They are particularly prominent on Twitter where people can quote tweet or reply to tweets with “so you agree” Regina George memes.

As with most internet trolling, these memes are less about convincing the person they’re addressed to than they are about garnering support and laughs from like-minded people.

Of course, people used this meme to dunk on Kaitlin Bennett:

A timely Hamilton meme:

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