The Brief: New Snapchat face filters allow people to see versions of themselves as younger and gender-swapped versions of themselves.


Those with the latest Snapchat update can try out filters that make them look like babies and like more masculine or feminine versions of themselves.

I’m Baby

These new Snapchat filters take the “I’m Baby” meme to the next level, allowing people to take selfies as a younger-looking version of themselves. The filter makes cheeks bigger and rosier with bigger and wider eyes. Many of these images are somewhere between cute and creepy.

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bim din pin 🤪 En cual me veo mejorrr??

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Gender Swap

Another Snapchat face filter presents a feminized and masculinized version of someone. The filter offers everyone an option to see and take selfies with both the “man” and “woman” filters.  These filters are certainly based on binary and normative ideas of what a man or a woman looks like, but can also be a way for people to explore gender beyond the male/female binary.

For some trans, genderqueer, and gender questioning individuals, this filter can be a tool to explore gender expression, especially in the face of gender dysmorphia. For cis people, it can be a way to play with gender and to see stereotypically “male” and “female” versions of themselves.


Guy looks like Gina with Snapchat filter. from brooklynninenine

Another popular use of these filters is to apply them to celebrities and non-human fictional characters for some uncanny and hilarious images.

I discovered that snapchat filters work on mk and its hilarious from MortalKombat

Just trying the De-aging Snapchat filter from marvelstudios