The Brief: Kowalski big/small brain memes use the beloved penguin character from Madagascar to showcase the difference between good and bad ideas.


Kowalski a penguin from the Madagascar film and TV franchise has made it yet again in the Reddit meme sphere. This time, instead of Kowalski analysis memes, Kowalski brain memes are going viral. As Kowalski is known as the brains of the Penguins of Madagascar group, these memes fit his personality.

This meme format is similar to both the Drake yes/no and expanding brain image macros. Kowalski memes depict one image of Kowalski looking defeated with his tong lolling and another where his head appears to have inflated to be very large. These memes typically juxtapose good and bad ideas. Sometimes the better idea is paired with the big brain image while at other times the big brain is next to the worse idea like in “this is big brain time” memes. Kowalski expanding brain memes are particularly popular on the Dank Memes subreddit.

Invested in Big brain kowalski from MemeEconomy

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World War III or World War II 2?

Kowalski analysis from memes

A World War III video game meme:

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