The Brief: These memes comically personify the 'sleep paralysis demons' that some people dream or hallucinate while experiencing temporary sleep paralysis.


Sleep paralysis demon memes feature amusing depictions of a demon someone may hallucinate while experiencing sleep paralysis.

What Is A Sleep Paralysis Demon?

Sleep paralysis is a state in which someone is conscious but unable to move their body. It can occur while someone is falling asleep or in the process of waking up. Sleep paralysis usually lasts between a few seconds or a few minutes. It’s often a terrifying experience and can be accompanied by scary noises, sensory stimulation, and hallucinations. To some, such hallucinations take the shape of demonic figures that hover above one’s head or lurk in the corner of the room. Statistics show that approximately 8% of the population suffers from sleep paralysis.

These memes poke fun at the different forms that sleep paralysis demons can take. They often show ‘sleep paralysis demons’ dancing in the corner of someone’s bedroom while they’re unable to move.

Even for those who are not familiar with sleep paralysis, these memes can be amusing ways to poke fun at how something somewhat ordinary can feel demonic. The humor in these memes often overlaps with the concept of a “cursed image” meme: an image that while not traditionally depicting frightening material, is so bizarre or cringey that it’s disturbing.

For mom’s, this demon may be all too real!

This person’s sleep paralysis demon is Trisha Paytas acting out a Lizzie McGuire Movie scene.

My sleep paralysis demon waiting for me to turn off the light
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