The Brief: Simptember and No Simp September memes joke about the idea of abstaining from simping, or embracing simping for the month of September.


Memes show that some people are taking No Simp September more seriously than others. #NoSimpSeptember and Simptember memes remark on the idea of people trying to stop simping for the entire month, or going the opposite direction and dedicating September to simping.

No SIMP September in full affect good luck to y’all
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While much of the sentiment around No Simp September is shared in good fun, the concept is sometimes used in misogynistic online communities to suggest that men who are kind to women are weak and that women and girls should be treated disrespectfully for the month of September.

Instead of trying to resist the urge to simp, some people will be embracing it and proudly observing Simptember.

Simp september
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Many memes ask “how am I supposed to participate in No Simp September when a certain person exists,” suggesting that someone they stan or crush on is impossible to resist simping for. Sometimes these people are celebrities or fictional characters who are conventionally attractive, while others are less predictable targets for Simptember.

While most of the conversation around No Simp September is light and humorous, with a subreddit dedicated to the event and the hashtag trending on Twitter on September 1st, it’s clear that this internet holiday has taken hold of the extremely online public imagination.

No simp September is here boys
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