The Brief: An image of Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons crashing through a window has been turned into an exploitable meme format.


This image macro meme originated from an episode of The Simpsons titled “The Bart Of War” in which the character Ralph Wiggum crashes through a window and lands on the floor of the Simpson family’s living room. Ralph, who has a note taped to his chest, then says “I’m a brick!”

This meme has been remixed and recaptioned to represent a variety of comedic scenarios. Variations of this meme often make fun of someone for being excessively eager to do something – so much so that they would jump through a window.

Ralph Crashes Through The Window

Every damn time from r/dankmemes

Poking fun at weebs:

Damn weebs from r/dankmemes

Tarantino is the most powerful white person cause he can give n word passes from r/dankmemes

Battlefront, mass effect, titan fall ect from r/dankmemes

A Wreck-It-Ralph crossover meme:

Looking through Reddit today…. from r/dankmemes