The Brief: These memes poke fun at Kanye West, who wore an all-silver outfit and had his body covered in silver paint as part of his new opera, Mary.


Silver Kanye memes come from pictures of Kanye starring in his second opera, Mary, which tells the story of Jesus Christ’s birth. The event was announced by Kanye on Twitter several days before the show, which took place on a floating barge at the Miami Marine Stadium on December 8th.

Silver Kanye memes dunk on fashion icon Kanye West for his metallic look, although this isn’t the first time he’s been roasted for a ridiculous outfit:

A “Gonna tell my kids this was” meme:

How could you be so heartless? from Kanye

You vs. the guy she told you not to worry about from Kanye

imma fix statue of liberty from Kanye

First thing I thought of from Kanye

Kanye has finally won the award for best Kanye! Congrats Ye! from Kanye

Iron armor? Check. from Kanye

Ye looking FRESH in Miami!! from Kanye

Kanye might just reignite their beef by stealing Drake’s famous meme format:

siiiiiiiilver surfeeeeeer in the flesh from Kanye

New format from Kanye