The Brief: "Everyday I put on my silly little outfit and do my silly little tasks" memes speak to the insignificance of everyday life in the style of a cheesy motivational poster.


Silly little outfit/silly little tasks memes highlight the absurdities of daily routines. The contrast between the world’s big problems and the mundane elements of everyday life has beenn made more stark during the Coronavirus pandemic, social uprisings, and disasters worsened by climate change.

On February 18, @dream__attack tweeted “every day i put on my silly little outfits and do my silly little tasks” and the post received over 57,000 likes and 18,000 retweets.

On September 13, Instagram user @affordablefoiegras posted an image macro of an inspirational poster-style photo of someone reaching their arms up in the air while standing on a rock during sunrise or sunset with the caption “everyday I put on my silly little outfit and do my silly little tasks.” This post received over 12,000 likes and inspired additional iterations and memes.

These memes comment on the Sisyphean aspects of modern life, which include tasks like doomscrolling, getting dressed up for Zoom meetings, and washing dishes.

Variations of these memes also describe more specific scenarios like putting on a “gay little outfit to do gay little tasks” or putting on “silly little Crocs to do a silly little walk.”

A darker take on the meme by @thisisaafleshprison reads “everyday I mask my mental illness and do my silly little tasks,” adding a melanncholic black and white filter to the photo.

“Silly little outfit/silly little tasks” memes are particularly popular on Instagram and have spread to Twitter as well.