The Brief:

This meme uses a screenshot from Shrek to depict awkward situations in which someone is pressed for an explanation that they don't want to disclose. 


Shrek “Good Question” memes illustrate scenarios in which someone is getting ready to explain how they got in a sticky or embarrassing situation. This meme is particularly popular on Reddit on its Dank Memes page.

The screenshot for this image macro comes from a scene in the 2001 film, Shrek. After rescuing Princess Fiona from a dragon-guarded tower, she asks Shrek why Lord Farquad sent a proxy to the tower instead of rescuing her himself. Shrek replies to this by saying “good question.”

Some memes that use this format imply that someone is actually unsure of the answer to a question while others suggest that they are stalling in order to avoid revealing the true answer to a tough question.

A classic Reddit vs. Instagram meme:

History-themed versions of this meme call out oppressive regimes for killing their citizens and then trying to cover it up.

A common variation of this meme depicts a stressful situation in which someone fears that private files (perhaps containing pornography) on their computer will be discovered.

Overall, this meme can function as a simple reaction image to represent a possible semi-awkward response to a question. It is one of many memes to come out of Shrek, a cult-classic and a meme in and of itself.