The Brief: Shef memes ironically celebrate simple culinary achievements such as making ice and boiling water.  


Shef memes show off culinary tricks that would make Gordon Ramsey jealous, featuring an image of a chef standing proudly next to his “masterful” creation.

“Shef” is intentionally misspelled as a play on the word “Chef” and features the “Meme Man” in a chef’s coat, who is best known for his appearance in the similarly misspelled Stonks memes.

shef 100 from dankmemes

Ze Shef from meme

They don’t call it smoked salmon for nothing:

With this smoked salmon, I am become shef… from memes

Gordon Ramsay gives a solid 9/10 from memes

Now this is what I call a pro chef move:

me_irl from me_irl

I’m a real shef now from memes

I am shef from dankmemes

WWIII memes never disappoint:

I be shef from memes

Ight imma head out:

When you finally start cooking your own meals from memes

Shef Ramsay will hate it from dankmemes

Very interesting shef from meme

now i am a professional shef from memes

Next stop: Gordon Ramsay from memes

Shef 100 from memes

i am shef. from dankmemes

It’s harder than it looks:

Best shef from memes