The Brief: The new season of the Emmy-award winning Queer Eye drops tomorrow, and fans cannot contain their excitement.


Yaaasss Queens! The fourth season of Netflix‘s critically acclaimed and Emmy-award winning series, Queer Eye drops tomorrow and stans are already clearing their calendars.

The Fab Five is back once more in Kansas City, and people are literally counting down the moments until the series drops.

The countdown is almost over…

All the Feels

From the many memes and tweets, it’s clear that fans of the show can’t quite seem to contain their excitement.

Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot, which comes more than a decade after the original series went off the air, has quickly become a show synonymous with self care and empowerment.

Every episode of this “makeover” series finds the Fab Five, aka food specialist Antoni Porowski, interior designer Bobby Berk, grooming consultant Jonathan Van Ness, fashion designer Tan France, and culture expert Karamo Brown, serving up hip tips, emotionally-charged makeovers, and heartfelt reveals.

Perhaps some of the most popular Queer Eye memes to date are those emphasizing the rainbow of emotions one experiences while watching the show.

Some people have found the series to be therapeutic AF, a much-needed break from American politics.

While waiting for the latest season to drop, many Netflix subscribers are finding comfort by binge-watching the previous three seasons.

Some people have only recently discovered the Fab Five phenomenon, but as far as we can tell, they don’t seem disappointed.

Favorite Fab Five Moments & Quotes

One of the best takeaways from Queer Eye has to be the Fab Five-isms, the hilarious terms and phrases coined by Antoni, Karamo, Bobby, Tan, and fan fave, Jonathan Van Ness (JVN).

Several Instagram and Twitter memes incorporate fans’ favorite quotes from the show, many of which come courtesy of JVN.

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Bobby Berk Memes

Other memes praise or roast specific members of the Fab Five. For Bobby, the resident interior designer…

With the rest of the Fab Five as emotional, LGBTQ+ superheroes:

Antoni Porowski Memes

Fans of scarf-sporting, foodie Antoni will appreciate these memes.

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“Oh are you?”

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billie joe armstrong’s cultural influence #queereyememes

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Antoni won’t be too salty if you skip home cooking tonight in favor of takeout.

Speaking of salty, fancy a bowl of Rig-Antoni?

Karamo Brown Memes

There’s no doubt that these Karamo Brown memes will inspire just about anyone to check themselves and make better choices.

Karamo’s Instagram is packed full of motivational memes for anyone who needs a little extra dose of #MondayMotivation.

Tan France Memes

Then there’s Tan France. Fab Five’s stylist, Tan is known best for his British accent, flawless hair, and technique for tucking in the front of one’s shirt, known as the “French tuck”.

This meme featuring Tan and Youtuber Colleen Ballinger from Miranda Sings:

In several memes, Queer Eye fans credit Tan for Jim Hopper’s Hawaiian shirt in Season 3 of Stranger Things.

Jonathan Van Ness Memes

Last but certainly not least, meet Jonathan Van Ness. With one line quips and a stylish stache, JVN has nestled his way into the hearts of many.

Those less familiar with Queer Eye might not the hilarious hairdresser from his Funny or Die series, Gay of Thrones.

Even fellow cast member Karamo has jumped on the JVN meme bandwagon.

Talk about hot girl summer goals:

There’s a lot to love about the Fabulous Five!

Miscellaneous Queer Eye Memes

Other Queer Eyes memes feature the Fab Five taking on the #FaceAppChallenge.

From NYC’s Pride Parade 2019:

They’re also storming Area 51 (and giving extraterrestrial makeovers, apparently).

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This Avengers meme:

Finally, as with most fandoms, there’s quite a collection of original artwork created by Queer Eye fans.

As far as we can tell, the Fabulous Five will continue shedding stereotypes and promoting positive messages in Queer Eye Season 4. Catch it on Netflix, Friday July 19th!