The Brief: Memes featuring Shaggy Rogers from Scooby Doo are circulating on Reddit.


Many of these memes feature “Ultra Instinct Shaggy,” a superpowered version of the beloved stoner cartoon companion of Scooby Doo. The idea behind Ultra Instinct Shaggy memes is that Shaggy has undergone a transformation similar to the ones in the anime series Dragon Ball Super, making him more powerful as a fighter and as a meme.

On the Dank Memes subreddit, where these memes are most popular, there is some talk that Shaggy/Ultra Instinct Shaggy is competing with Robbie Rotten to be the favorite meme and unofficial mascot of the page. Some variations of this meme show Shaggy bragging that he’s only using a small percentage of his power, suggesting that his full ultra instinct mode is even more intense.

Shaggy Rogers vs. Robbie Rotten:

When two unstoppable forces collide. from r/dankmemes

Only the worthy from r/dankmemes

Shaggy, this is not a fight you can win. from r/dankmemes

Who would win? from r/dankmemes

Matt is the only being that can make Shaggy use 100% of his power from r/dankmemes

Can Shaggy be stopped? from r/dankmemes

The tier list of the most powerful beings in the universe from r/dankmemes

A choking Sasuke meme:

Like, this isn’t even my final form! from r/dankmemes

Finally, some good memes in 2019 from r/dankmemes

Not even the most powerful can beat munchies from r/dankmemes

Heh, like, nothing personal, man from r/dankmemes

Shaggy vs. Thanos

Shaggy: The Mad Titan Killer from r/dankmemes