The Brief:

Soon-to-be graduates are documenting their senioritis in TikTok meme videos. 


#Senioritis memes are trending on TikTok as summer nears but the school year isn’t quite over. Many high school and college seniors ‘suffer’ from senioritis during the weeks leading up to graduation.

As young people are the most prolific meme-makers, it’s no surprise that the hashtag #senioritis is growing in popularity on the Gen-Z-dominated app TikTok.

Posts tagged with #senioritis illustrate the many different ways that the phenomenon can affect seniors. Videos show empty classrooms, homework burnout, senior pranks, and other tomfoolery. These memes depict both the pros and the cons of senioritis. It can be a good time for students to celebrate all the hard work they’ve done, but a dangerous time to get in trouble just before graduation.

Senioritis as a term and meme is most commonly referred to by high school students but college seniors, grad students, and people finishing up vocational school can be affected as well.

#Senioritis has received over 22 million views on TikTok. Some of the pranks shown below should not be tried at home (or school).

What happens when you call your teachers by their first names:

Nicholas Cage is classic meme and prank fodder.

TFW you get caught watching anime GIFs during class:

Watch out for The Circle Game:

This student is getting their teachers into Naruto anime.