The Brief: The say sike right now meme format can be used as a reaction to or joke about unwelcome news.


Say sike right now memes depict someone who is denial about something or wish it hadn’t happened. The phrase “say sike right now” is a synonym for “tell me you’re kidding.” “Sike” is a slang-version of the word “psych” referring to something someone might say after telling a joke. The image in this meme is of a blue piranha creeper plant from the video game Super Mario Maker 2 by Nintendo.

Say sike right now memes first appeared on Twitter in July 2019 and has since spread across social media, becoming a staple on Reddit. This image macro meme format has circulated online as a reaction image to bad news or controversial information.

Say sike in 17.43420 seconds from dankmemes

An Area 51 meme:

say sike right now from memes

Say sike right now from Colts

Say sike from teenagers

An Instagram Normie-proof meme:

Normies… from dankmemes

A very anti-Karen meme:

Pls say sike from dankmemes