The Brief: Sansa Stark's comment in the GoT series finale is the ultimate straightforward way to tell someone to back down when they're taking up too much space.


🚨Spoiler Alert 🚨Beware of spoilers from the series finale of Game Of Thrones!

Sansa Stark? More like Sansa Snark! In the final episode of Game Of Thrones, Sansa Stark delivered the best clapback in three short words: “uncle please sit.”

At a meeting of the surviving leaders of Westeros, Sansa’s Uncle, Edmure Tully, who hadn’t been present since season six, began an unprompted and pretentious speech full of not-so-humble brags. Quickly, Sansa Stark, Queen of the North shut this down by saying “uncle, please sit.”

As Edmure Tully’s speech resembles those of entitled men assuming that they’re automatically the center of attention, Sansa’s polite but direct shut-down illustrates the importance of challenging unchecked power and entitlement. Sansa flexes her power and reminds her uncle to stay in his lane, making room for those who have more important things to say.

On Twitter, “sit down uncle” memes react to Sansa’s stellar drag and suggest that the phrase becomes a new way to tell people to back off when they’re taking up too much space.

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Uncle Please Sit Is The New…

“I’m about to end this man’s whole career”