The Brief: These memes feature Sal from Impractical Jokers after a failed scenario that makes him "tonight's big loser."


This meme is from the reality prank show Impractical Jokers, which airs on truTV. Variations of the meme feature an image of cast member Sal Vulcano and a caption about how he became “tonight’s big loser.” The photo is an old and unflattering portrait of Sal that the jokers have incorporated into sketches and pranks. The meme often includes dark humor, in which Sal has failed to do something major, resulting in devastating consequences that make him “tonight’s big loser.”

On Impractical Jokers, four comedians known as The Tenderloins compete in a number of hidden-camera pranks and public antics. A points system determines which cast member has performed the worst throughout each episode, which makes him “tonight’s big loser.” The other tenderloins then select a “punishment” for the loser, which most often involves some form of public humiliation.

.png from r/dankmemes

Sal is tonights biggest loser,his punishment is to destroy the city of Pompeii from r/ImpracticalJokers

Tonight’s Biggest Loser Everyone from r/dankmemes

Looks like Sal couldn’t show those kids hospitality from r/comedyheaven

I like em sal from r/dankmemes

This is so sad, can we get Sal MS Paint? from r/dankmemes

Why is it always sal 😭 from r/memes

Dang it Sal not again! from r/dankmemes

Looks like Sal is having a pretty bad day! from r/DankMemesFromSite19

Wtf Sal from r/Lithuaniakittens

Cmon Sal you had two years! from r/ImpracticalJokers

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Tough time always being tonight’s big loser 😔

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