The Brief: In an emotional stream, YouTuber Linus of Linus Tech Tips told fans that he's considering retiring from YouTube, inspiring memes which use his sad expression as a reaction image.


‘I’ve Been Thinking Of Retiring’

Sad Linus memes have been appearing on Reddit since January 22, 2020 when YouTuber Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips and TechQuickie streamed about how he has been considering retirement. Soon after Linus Tech Tips reached 10 million subscribers, Linus opened up about his feelings, work burnout, and future plans in this emotional video. Although he is not retiring right now, Linus told fans “I’m also not promising that I’m not going to retire.”

The video has been viewed over 1.5 million times and was featured on YouTube’s trending page.

Sad Linus Memes & Reactions

This video has inspired both a versatile meme format and an applicable image macro for reactions to Linus’s announcement. Sad Linus memes take a screenshot of a moment where Linus looks at the camera with a serious expression on his face to invoke a sense of sadness and/or detachment. In these memes, fans are expressing their sadness at the possibility of Linus leaving YouTube and using the image in a similar way to the Monsters Inc. stoic face meme.

linus is retiring >>> the notebook from r/memes

Linus is sad
by indankmemes

Linus is tired
byu/SpanishGarbo inlinuslore

Could sad/happy Linus be a new Drake yes/no format?

We still love you Linus πŸ™
byu/_selfdestruct inmemes

Don’t go Linus
by indankmemes

Happens all the time
byu/BananaJoe_1910 indankmemes

Watch out for doxing!

The ole doxx
byu/calebrwalk5 indankmemes

Ha ha funny
byu/PowerPond indankmemes