The Brief: An image of a baby Pikachu holding a Capri Sun pouch has become a meme format about childhood memories.


Variations of Baby Pikachu Capri Sun memes, also known asย “Pikachu in deep thought holding Capri Sun” memes include an image of a baby Pikachu holding a juice box while staring off into the distance. This meme format, which is popular on Reddit, is commonly used to depict scenes from childhood.

Some iterations of these memes take a more literal approach, captioning the image with things like “5-year-old me at my friend’s pool party.” Others take it more metaphorically, using the image of Pikachu looking forlorn and clutching a juice box to represent the emotional state of adults.

Caprisun was the best from memes

This format became popular online starting in June 2020.


My first meme here (be kind) from dankmemes

All the other kids drank Capri Sun from dankmemes

Sometimes happens:( from memes

Imagine not getting your milk from a bag eh from memes

pikachu capri sun picture? from MemeTemplatesOfficial

Sad Pikachu activates from dankmemes