The Brief: Rudy Giuliani meltdown memes reference Giuliani's chaotic interview on CNN about the Trump Ukraine whistleblower complaint.


In an interview with Chris Cuomo about President Trump’s alleged communications with the Ukranian president, Rudy Giuliani made numerous contradictory claims, spouted conspiracy theories, and seemed to nearly lose control of his grasp on reality. In his apparent attempt to explain the role that he and Trump did or did not play in trying to enlist a foreign government to interfere with U.S. elections, Giuliani’s statements were confusing, jumbled, and even potentially self-incriminating. This out-of-control CNN interview has been dubbed the “Giuliani meltdown,” inspiring many Rudy Giuliani memes and causing the hashtag #RudyGiulianiMeltdown to trend on Twitter.

This meltdown included Giuliani insisting that he didn’t ask Ukranian officials to investigate Joe Biden, only to admit that “of course” he had less than 30 seconds later. During the interview, Giuliani also stated: “And you want to cover some ridiculous charge that I urged the Ukrainian government to investigate corruption. Well, I did and I’m proud of it.”

As this interview aired, Twitter users were quick to call out and drag Giuliani for this dumpster fire of an interview. Rudy Giuliani meltdown memes compare Giuliani to a vampire, a squeaky-voiced dog, and a raging conspiracy theorist, illustrating just how disastrous this interview was.

A Charlie Day conspiracy theory meme:

Is Giuliani to thank for the #ImpeachmentParty?

Sorry to this man: