The Brief: Robert Pattinson's quarantine GQ cover story inspired a slew of internet memes, many of which are about his pasta dish that started a fire in the microwave during the interview.


GQ Interview & Cover

For the June edition of GQ magazine, Zach Baron interviewed actor Robert Pattinson, who is currently quarantined with his girlfriend in an apartment in London. Pattinson took his own photos for the story, posing around the messy apartment in designer clothing and looking straight into the camera. During the interview, Pattinson’s eccentric personality came out, as he cracked dry jokes, shared about his quarantine routine, and microwaved an innovative pasta dish. After the story was published online, people expressed their reactions to it via memes about Robert Pattinson’s lifestyle, selfies, interview composure, and homemade pasta attempt.

Robert Pattinson’s Pasta Memes

For most readers, the highlight of the interview was when Pattinson started describing and then cooking a pasta recipe he’s invented. The dish, which Pattinson calls “piccolini cuscino” (“little pillows” in Italian), consists of pasta, layers of sliced cheese, corn flakes, red sauce, sugar, and a hamburger bun. During his FaceTime interview with Zach Baron, Pattinson microwaved the pasta, assembled the dish, which was wrapped in foil, and then proceeded to microwave it before a small explosion occurred and he abandoned the project.

Some memes about Robert Pattinson’s pasta cooking fiasco make fun of him for his absurd culinary ideas, while others note how people still love him even though he can’t cook pasta or operate a microwave. For those who are wondering if piccolini cuscino is actually any good, Mel Magazine‘s Joseph Longo tried it (and didn’t hate it).